How Many Germs Does A Glass of Water Contain?

How many germs in a glass of water
Most of us drink underground water. In most places, this underground water looks clean and standard. Now, do you ever ...
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Why Is The Sea Water Salty?

Why is sea water salty
What Is Sea Water? The water of the sea or the ocean is known as seawater. The average salinity of ...
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6 Parts Of The Human Body That Do Not Work

Parts of a body that don't work
There are some important parts of the human body that do not work. In terms of evaluation, chimpanzees are considered ...
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Health Benefits of Sneezing

Health benefits of sneezing
As we know that sneezing comes at any time and any place. Most people think that sneezing is a way ...
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What Will Happen If Earth Stops Spinning?

What will happen if earth stop spinning?
We know that Oxygen is important for us to live on the earth. That’s why all of us know that ...
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Difference between Ice and Snow

Difference between ice and snow
No doubt, ice and snow are two different forms of water. Most people consider that these two forms of water ...
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What Will Happen If Insects Disappear From The World?

Importance of insects in the world
It is the desire of almost all human beings that the environment around them should be clean. That’s why we ...
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Why is the color of fire yellow, red and blue?

Why do we see different colors of fire?
Fire has great importance in our daily life. Its reason is that we are using fire for various purposes like ...
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How to Lose Weight Just by Breathing?

How to lose weight by breathing
No doubt, almost all overweight people want to lose weight. Now, the problem is that most of them can’t lose ...
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Why Do Human Eyes See Different Colors?

Why do we see different colors of light?
In our daily life, we have to come across with lots of colors. For example, we see that the color ...
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