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Write For Us Guest Posts on Education, Science, Technology, Health and Business

Guest Post or Write for Us has become one of the best SEO practices for websites. It is equally beneficial for everyday bloggers and large corporations. When you will write a guest post on education, science, technology, health, and business, you will get lots of benefits. This practice will help you to introduce your blog to a new audience. It will raise the brand awareness of your products to potential customers. If you provide the best quality content, people will click on your website’s link for more content. It is also the best strategy to pull in more visitors to your website. Guest posting is also a way to get backlinks for your website. It is a major factor in the ranking of your website in the search results.

Write for us guest posts

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Terms & Conditions

We are providing guest post opportunities on education, science, technology, health, and business topics. Here, you should keep in mind that we are not providing free guest posting opportunities. We are providing a complete package for the assistance of the website owners. The cost of our package is just $5. First, you will get a 1000+ word article. It means that you don’t need to provide the article. You just need to tell us the topic and we will create the best quality content on your topic. The website owners don’t need to worry about the quality of the content. It’s because we are writing an article for our website not for yours. Therefore, we will never compromise on the content’s quality. Secondly, we will naturally insert your website’s link in the article. This link will be live forever. It means that your website will get the best quality ‘do-follow’ link for a lifetime. This link will help your website to gain a higher ranking in the search engine results.

Can We Get Backlinks by Providing the Article?

Sometimes, website owners want to publish their articles as guest posts. They can also write for us. Anyhow, they still have to pay $5 to get the lifetime ‘do-follow’ backlink from our website. If you are agreeing to this condition, you will have to keep in mind some important things.

  • Your article must be 1000+ words.
  • It should be free from the plagiarism issues.
  • You should not use any AI tool for the creation of the content. Before sending the article, you should check its AI status on ‘copyleaks.com’.
  • The links to your websites should be naturally inserted in the content.
  • Make sure that your content is free from grammatical errors. For this reason, you will have to check the content through ‘Grammarly’.
  • We will not publish content that is against the policies of Google.

How to Contact for Guest Posts?

If you are interested in writing for us or guest posting on our website, you should contact us via email at ‘[email protected]’.

Time Required for Publishing of Guest Posts

We have explained two different ways to publish guest posts on our website. In the first case, we will provide the content. If you require content from us, we will publish it within 2 days after payment. In the second case, the website owners can provide us the best quality content. In this case, we will review the content. After reviewing the content, we will allow you to make the payment. Your guest post will be live within 24 hours after payment.

Types of Backlinks We Get

No doubt, there are two types of backlinks (no-follow and do-follow). If you are paying for the guest posts, we will surely provide a permanent do-follow backlink. This backlink will provide enough help to increase the ranking of your website.

Do You Ever Remove Our Backlink?

No, we will never remove your backlink from our website. If you will invest once on our website, you will get a lifetime benefit.

Why Are You Providing the Content Along with Backlinks?

There are various reasons behind it. First, some website owners have to hire writers for content creation. They will charge $5-10 for a 1000+ words article. After that, they will have to pay us for publishing the guest posts. It is a costly way of getting backlinks for the websites. To overcome this problem of the website owners, we have introduced this cost-effective way of getting backlinks. Secondly, we have to face some problems from the content creators. They may not write the articles by following the guidelines of our website. Therefore, we require revisions. This is a time-consuming task. Sometimes, it takes several weeks for the content creators to fulfill the requirements of our website. It is a time-consuming task and website owners may not have enough time. Sometimes, it may also increase the costs of the backlinks.

Thirdly, we have adopted a unique style to satisfy our visitors. Other writers may have to face some problems in adopting this style. If we get articles from them, we have to compromise on the quality. We never want to compromise on the quality of the content. At last, we have introduced this unique technique for the assistance of the website owners. The website owners don’t need to find guest posting websites and content writers separately. They will get all the things in one place. After placing the order, they will get the possible solutions to their problems.

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