How do magnets work? The Science of Magnetism

How do magnets work?
Magnets have the mysterious ability to attract and repel objects without any visible physical contact. Due to this ability, magnets ...
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Rules For Finding Significant Figures With Examples

Rules for finding significant figures
With the help of significant figures, we can present and establish the numbers in the form of digits. It is ...
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Newton’s Laws of Motion – First, Second, Third

Newton's laws of motion
Sir Isaac Newton is the most influential scientist of all time. Its reason is that he has done lots of ...
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Why is the Sky Blue but not Violet?

Why is the sky blue?
As we know that there are different colors in the world like blue, white, red, yellow, and so on. When ...
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Difference between Mass and Weight

Difference between mass and weight
Mass and weight are two commonly used terms in Physics. In the beginning, most of the students think that mass ...
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Types of Vectors in Physics with Examples

Types of vectors in Physics
There is a difference between scalars and vectors. In Physics, a physical quantity that has both direction and magnitude is ...
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Why Is Milk White?

Why is milk white?
What Is Milk? No doubt, milk has become an important component of our diet. There are many benefits of milk. ...
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What is a graph? | Definition, Types & Parts

What is a graph - Types
What is a Graph? As science students, we have to use the graph in various ways. The definition of the ...
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Difference Between Scalars and Vectors Quantities

Difference between scalar quantities and vector quantities
In Physics, we have to deal with lots of physical quantities. All the measurable quantities are known as physical quantities. ...
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6 Types Of Simple Machines

6 types of simple machines
A mechanical device that changes the direction or the magnitude of the force is a simple machine. A simple machine ...
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