Lab Safety Rules

Lab safety rules
A laboratory provides a facility for the students to perform different experiments under controlled conditions. While using a laboratory, it ...
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Why Does Ice Float on Water?

Why does ice float on water?
When we drop a piece of ice into a glass of water, it starts floating rather than sinking. Now, a ...
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Difference Between Virus and Bacteria

Difference between virus and bacteria
Most people are confused about viruses and bacteria because viruses and bacteria both are microscopic microbes. Some people think that ...
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Greenhouse Effect | Definition, Facts, Consequences

What is greenhouse effect?
What is the Greenhouse Effect? Sun is the major source of heat on our Earth. When the Sun’s radiations fall ...
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Why Do Reversible Reactions Never Complete?

Why do reversible reactions never complete?
Till 1803, there was no concept of reversible reactions. Its reason was that scientists believed that all the reactions are ...
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Why Do Onions Make You Cry?

Why do onions make you cry?
Onions are important for our health. That’s why onions are grown and used in all around the world. There are ...
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Why Do Dead Bodies Float?

Why do dead bodies float on water?
It is a common observation that a living person sinks in the water and a dead body floats at the ...
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Why Do Rotten Eggs Float?

Why do rotten eggs float?
If we are getting a fresh egg from any source, we don’t need to check either is it fresh or ...
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Difference between Metals and Non-Metals

Difference between metals and non-metals
If you don’t have any idea about the characteristics of metals and non-metals, it is difficult for you to understand ...
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Difference Between Acids and Bases

Difference between acids and bases
In Chemistry, we can’t deny the importance of acids and bases. Along with Chemistry, acids, and bases also play a ...
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