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3 Helpful AI Writing Assistant Tools For Students In 2024

Students need any type of writing assistance they can get from anyone. They are going through their transformative learning years especially if they’re K-12 students. The teachers aren’t available 24/7 at their service and neither are their working parents. In moments like these, everyone asks them to turn their attention towards “online ways” of asking for help with any queries. In this day and age of information and its easy access, it’s not even remotely hard to find online AI writing assistant tools. What is hard is to find which tools are the best and which ones employ AI the correct way. I’m a high school English teacher and I’ve compiled a list of the three most helpful AI writing assistance tools based on feedback from my students. Here are those three tools in no particular order:

Best AI writing assistant tools for students

3 AI Writing Aid Tools To Assist Students In 2024

1. Paraphraser.io

This revolutionary paraphrasing tool has everything going for it. When it comes to helping students, this tool turns complex unreadable texts into easily readable ones. It not only enhances the readability but also clears up any confusion in the air regarding texts. The number one thing students struggle with is understanding the study materials. This paraphrasing tool can rephrase those materials with human-level paraphrasing in such a way that students can finally understand what they’re studying. Human-like paraphrasing implies that it is on the level that a teacher would explain confusing subject materials. I am shocked to see that it can almost match my level of paraphrasing (almost). While that is a personal cause for concern, I am glad that the future generation of students is in good hands thanks to these tools.

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2. EditPad Plagiarism Checker

It is one of the best AI writing assistant tools. I’ve heard rumblings of tools like EditPad but never imagined it would be real. Like an all-you-can-eat buffet, EditPad’s plagiarism checker provides an all-you-can-edit notepad. It has additional tools to help students in need. Plagiarism is something students constantly struggle with during their academic years and it’s not something easy to get rid of. It is taking someone else’s work and passing it off as your original work. The first step to getting rid of it is detecting it and this is what the tool does and then some using AI.

How To Use It?

Simply input your text and it will search it against the billions of online resources available using deep search and ProQuest. ProQuest itself has access to millions of academic stuff from a bunch of educational and government institutes. Its affiliation with every institute is rock solid. With the massive databases to scour, you may think it would take plagiarism checker hours but surprisingly it comes up with instant results. It also shows you unique words and total sentences in your text. My students use it for detecting plagiarism and I recommend it too. This is my work in progress on defining plagiarism and its types. I will publish it once it’s completed and proofread but so far as you can witness, the plagiarism checker very accurately detected 0% plagiarism in my content.

Best plagiarism tool

3. GrammarCheck.ai

Lastly, students can use Grammar Check to detect and fix any grammar errors in their assignments. Nothing is more off-putting than to see brilliant student work undermined by grammar mistakes. Trust me, it’s not fun for teachers to point the grammar mistakes either. My favorite thing about this tool is that not only is it a great fixer but also a great teacher. It doesn’t just fix your assignments without telling you what went wrong. That wouldn’t be very useful. It gives you a chance to learn from your mistakes granted you have the right attitude to learn from it.

It too is powered by AI meaning you can always expect grammatically correct automatic suggestions from it. Corrections are one click or tap away depending on what platform you access Grammar Check from. Its unlimited word count, however, is its standout feature by a long shot. When you will use a free online tool, you will never get unlimited word counts. This grammar checker proves its naysayers wrong. This too gets my glowing letter of recommendation for students worldwide.


Having used these tools, I am now scared for my job and fear that AI will make teaching jobs obsolete. Let’s see if these tools can maintain their reputation by the end of this year and if some other tools will take their place. For now, I recommend these tools to students worldwide despite the dangers these three pose to my future employment. Let’s hope the universal basic income pays well in the future. One can always hope.

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