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I am Sania Kanwal and I am the owner of https://www.bzuscience.com/. Friends, I have recently completed my BS degree in Physics. During my student age, I tried to read different kinds of blog posts about scientific concepts. I was much intrigued to explore these concepts in my own words but due to the lack of time due to studies, I was not able to give enough time to blogging. Now, I have completed my studies and I am doing a job. Therefore, in the rest of my time, I have decided to explore different kinds of scientific concepts. My aim is to explore these chosen concepts in simple language rather than harder language. Its reason is that lots of websites have shared the same but most of the scientists are not able to understand these concepts because they have shared these concepts in complex language.

On this essential blog, I am trying to explore different kinds of scientific concepts with such people who are interested in my different things in scientifically. For this reason, I have chosen the core branches of science. In these branches, there comes Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Along with these core science subjects, I have also interest in computer science and some general topics. Therefore, I have also decided to share my knowledge about these subjects with you.

I am trying my best to satisfy the visitors of my blog with valuable content. Anyhow, as a human being, there is a possibility of some mistakes. Therefore, you can express your views about the posts in the comments section. In the case of any problem, you can also contact us with our Contact Us page. I will try to contact you as soon as possible. You can also feel free to contact us on our social media accounts.


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