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What Will Happen If Earth Stops Spinning?

We know that Oxygen is important for us to live on the earth. That’s why all of us know that if we remove Oxygen from the earth, all living creatures will die. Moreover, due to the absence of Oxygen on the earth, all the concrete buildings will erect. Now, my question is that ever you have thought that what will happen if the earth stops rotating abruptly. If you have not thought about it, you should come to know that if the Earth stops rotating abruptly, many horrible events will happen on the Earth. Let’s try to know about these horrible events.

What will happen if earth stop spinning

The Winds will Become Strong

The earth is rotating around its axis at the speed of 1000 miles per hour. If this fast-rotating earth stops abruptly, the winds become as strong as after an atomic bomb. Moreover, there will be large waves in the oceans. These large waves of the oceans cover 17 miles just within a minute.

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Days will be the Hottest and Nights will be Frozen

If the fast-rotating earth abruptly stopped, everything which is not connected with any other thing will be started to move East at the speed of one thousand miles per hour. The length of 24 hours of a day will be equal to 365 days. In these 365 days, there will be six months day and this day will be the hottest day on the earth. Due to the blazing heat of the sun, everything on the earth will start blowing. On the other hand, there will be six months frozen at night. The coldest atmosphere of the night will freeze everything on the earth.

The Direction of the Sun will Change

Nowadays, the sun is rising from the East and it sets in the West. If this fast-rotating earth stops abruptly, the direction of the sun will also change. It means that it will rise from the West and set in the East. Moreover, the sun will also rise and set only once in the year. The earth will also emit terrifying rays. These terrifying rays will demolish the existence of life on Earth. In short, we can say that if the earth stops rotating abruptly, each and everything on this earth will demolish.

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