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How to Avoid ATM Fraud?

What is ATM Skimming or ATM Fraud?

The process in which someone steals important data on the magnetic stripe of an ATM is known as ATM skimming or ATM fraud. For this reason, the skimmers install a scanner in the card pocket of the ATM. Moreover, they also install a secret keypad on the keypad of the ATM. This keypad stores the secret PIN code that users enter to receive money from the ATM. After getting this useful information about the ATM card, they use it to steal money from your account. Here, we will discuss how to avoid ATM fraud.

Types of ATM scams or ATM frauds

If you want to avoid ATM scams or frauds, you should try to be aware of these scams and frauds. Some essential types of ATM scams or ATM frauds are explained below;

♦ In most of ATM scams, the cheaters try to steal the debit card number or personal identification number of the ATM cards.

♦ Some criminals use cracking programs to swipe data from free-standing machines. · The most popular ATM scam is that thieves use a fake device at the door of the ATM to get access to the ATM. With the help of this device, they also steal the most important information about the ATM card.

♦ The thieves also use old-fashioned techniques to deceive the users at the ATMs. For this reason, they replace the ATM with a fake deposit receptacle. They also put an out-of-order sign on the machine. You may also like to read about the difference between software and hardware.

How to avoid ATM fraud?

Tips to Avoid ATM Fraud

After knowing the most popular ATM scams, you should try to use these tips to avoid ATM fraud;

i. You should try to find an ATM machine in a safe area. It means that you should put your safety as a priority.

ii. You should take an overview of your surroundings. It means you should be aware of others around you. If you feel that someone around the ATM is behaving suspiciously, you should leave this machine and try to find another machine to withdraw money.

iii. Most of us are using ATMs for years. Therefore, while using an ATM machine, if you are noticing something unusual or you are noticing signs of tampering, you should immediately contact the bank. If you ignore these unusual activities, you will lose your money.

iv. While using ATMs, you should be careful. You should give enough space to others to enter their PIN privately. For this reason, you should try to stay at least two meters away from the ATM. Some banks have introduced a ‘Safety Zone’ at the ATMs. You should also try to follow it.

v. After ensuring the privacy of other users at the ATM, you should also try to expect the same privacy from other users. For this reason, you should try to be aware of your surroundings. If someone is watching you and he is suspicious too, you should immediately cancel your transaction and leave this ATM.

vi. If you are facing some problems at the ATM, you should not get help from a stranger. Moreover, you should not allow the stranger to distract you at the ATM.

vii. While entering your card and PIN into the ATM, you should try to stand close to the ATM. While entering the PIN, you should try to shield the keypad and make sure that no one is watching you.

viii. After completing your transaction, you should try to discreetly put your money and ATM card before leaving the ATM.

ix. In the case of the failure of the transaction, if the ATM machine is not returning your card, you should immediately report your bank.

x. While using the ATM, you will receive a receipt from the ATM about your transaction, balance inquiry, or min-statement. You should collect it and try to dispose of it carefully. Its reason is that this receipt has useful information and it can also create some problems for you.

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