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Difference Between Software And Hardware

As we know that this is an era of computers and technology. Therefore, all computer users must come across hardware and software terms. When we think about hardware and software, different questions come to our minds like ‘What is the relation between software and hardware?’ and ‘What is the difference between software and hardware?’ etc. Hardware and software are two major components of a computer. Here, we will discuss the difference between hardware and software.
Difference Between Software And Hardware

What is Hardware?

The physical part of a computer system that we can touch is known as hardware. All computer systems require hardware for their existence. Some essential examples of computer hardware are CPU, Mouse Keyboard, etc.

What is Software?

A collection of instructions, procedures, and documents that are required to run different functions of a computer is known as software. Like computer hardware, we can’t touch computer software. Some actual examples of computer software are MS Word, PowerPoint, Google Chrome and Excel, etc.

Table of Contents

The summary of the post is explained below:
1. Hardware is physical and tangible and software is the collection of programs and documents.
2. First part consists of electronic components and the second one consists of programming language.
3. Hardware examples are input and output devices. Examples of other parts are system and application software.
4. Hardware provides a platform for the operation and software performs different tasks.
5. We have to replace the hardware with a new one and we can reinstall the software.
6. Hardware is manufactured and the other part is developed.
7. Hardware is tangible and the other part is non-tangible.
8. The performance of hardware depreciates whereas, the performance of software doesn’t depreciate.
9. Viruses don’t attack hardware whereas, viruses attack another part of the computer.
10. Hardware is non-transferable and the other part is transferable.
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Difference Between in Tabular Form

1Physical & TangiblePrograms & Documents
2Electronic ComponentsProgramming Language
3Input & Output devicesSystem & Application
4Platform for operationPerform different tasks
5Replace with newWe can easily Reinstall it
6CPU & MonitorMS Office
9DepreciatesNot depreciates
10No impacts of virus attacksImpact of virus attacks
11Not transferableTransferable

Difference Between Software and Hardware

After getting an idea about the basic definitions of these two computer terms, we are in a better position to understand the differences between them. Their differences along with the basis of differentiation are explained below;
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1. Difference Between Definitions

♦ Hardware

First, hardware refers to all the physical and tangible parts of a computer. These parts of the computer are helpful for us to store information and execute the software.

♦ Software

Secondly, a collection of programs, documents, and codes that are required to interact with computer systems is known as software. Generally, it is a program that is required for a computer system to perform different kinds of tasks.

2. Difference Between the Development of Software and Hardware


We can develop computer hardware with the help of electronic components and other materials.


We can develop computer software with the help of a computer programming language. For this reason, we have to develop computer software by writing instructions in the programming language.

3.  Difference Between Types of Software and Hardware

Difference Between Types of Software and Hardware

♦ Hardware

There are different kinds of computer hardware like input devices (devices that are used to enter data into the computer system like Mouse, Keyboard Scanner, etc), output devices (devices that are used to show output on the computer system like monitor, speaker, and printer, etc), control devices, processing unit, and storage devices, etc.

♦ Software

Like hardware, there are also different kinds of computer software like programming software (that is helpful for the developers to develop other software and computer applications), system software (system software is required to run computer hardware and applications), and application software (it is a program or a set of programs that are designed for the end-users), etc.

4. Difference Between the Functionality of Software and Hardware

♦ Hardware

The main function of it is to provide a platform for the operation of computer systems.

♦ Software

The main function of computer software is to enable the computer user to perform different tasks with the help of computer software.

5. Replacement

While using them, there is a possibility that they may be damaged. Under such a situation, we can repair them in the following ways;

♦ Hardware

If it is damaged, we must replace it with a new one.

♦ Software

We can easily replace it just by reinstalling it.

6.  Difference Between Examples of Software and HardwareDifference Between Examples of Software and Hardware

♦ Hardware

The main examples of this computer part are CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, printer, etc.

♦ Software

The main examples of this part of the computer are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Windows, MS Office, Google Apps, etc.

7.    Manufacturing and Development

♦ Hardware

First, we can manufacture this part of the computer. 

♦ Software

Secondly, the software engineers develop this part of the computer. 

8. Difference Between the Nature of Software and Hardware

♦ Hardware

The nature of this computer part is tangible and physical.

♦ Software

The nature of this computer part is non-tangible and logical.

9.   Difference Between Inter-Dependency of Software and Hardware

These two terms depend upon each other in the following ways;

♦ Hardware

If we want to start its functionality, we must load computer software correctly on it.

♦ Software

If we want to operate specific computer software, it is also necessary for us to install that software.

10. Difference Between Wear and Tear of Software and Hardware

♦ Hardware

Over time, the performance of computer hardware depreciates.

♦ Software

There will be no chance of depreciation of the computer software over time. Anyhow, if you are using specific computer software constantly for a long period, there is a possibility that there may appear bugs in this software.

11. Virus Attacks

There is also the different impact of the virus attacks on these two terms. 

♦ Hardware

There is no direct impact of the virus attacks on computers.

♦ Software

These virus attacks can last direct impacts on computer programs and applications.

12. Difference Between the Transformation of Hardware and Software

First, we can’t transfer computer hardware from one place to another place in the form of electrical signals. Secondly, we can transfer computer software from one place to another place in the form of electrical signals.
After understanding the main difference between hardware and software, it is also necessary for you to get answers to the following question.

How to Do They Work Together?

These two computer terms depend upon each other. Anyhow, we can run computer hardware without computer software but we can’t run computer software without computer hardware. For example, if you have a video game in the form of computer software, you can’t operate it without computer hardware. Its reason is that the operation of computer software, there requires memory, processors, video cards and sound cards, etc.

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