How to Balance Chemical Equations

How to balance chemical equations?
There are two kinds of reactions. First is known as chemical reaction and second is known as physical reaction. The ...
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How Many Atoms And Molecules In a Droplet Of Water?

Atoms and molecules in a droplet of water
Water is an essential component in our daily life because we have to use it for various purposes. While using ...
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Difference Between Empirical Formula and Molecular Formula

Difference between empirical formula and molecular formula
As we know that a substance is a composition of different atoms. We have to represent this substance with the ...
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Properties and Facts of Water

Facts and properties of water
Water is one of the basics of life on Earth. Its reason is that without water, life is impossible on ...
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Why Is The Sea Water Salty?

Why is sea water salty
What Is Sea Water? The water of the sea or the ocean is known as seawater. The average salinity of ...
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Difference between Ice and Snow

Difference between ice and snow
No doubt, ice and snow are two different forms of water. Most people consider that these two forms of water ...
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