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Why Do We Yawn?

Everybody yawns. The newly born babies, oldest great-grandparents, and even animals also yawn. If we are even thinking about yawning, it will cause us to do it. All human beings and animals are yawning because they need it. To yawn is one of the most important contagious and uncontrollable actions of a body. There are various theories of yawning. Among these theories, one is that it is becoming the cause of bringing more oxygen into the body. Lots of people have researched it. Here, we will try to know the answer to the question of why do we yawn.

Why do we yawn?

Why do we yawn?

As we have discussed earlier that there are various theories about yawning. Here, we will discuss the most scientifically backed theory. This theory is relevant to the regulation of brain temperature. A research paper was published about yawning in the Physiology & Behavior journal. According to this research, they have researched the yawning conditions of 120 people. They have found that it occurs more during the winter season because the outside air is cold. On the other hand, it occurs less during the summer season because the outside air is hot. They have concluded that if the temperature of the brain is going too far from the norm, inhaling will be helpful for him to cool it down. The researchers have also provided answers to some specific questions relevant to yawning.

Why do we yawn while getting bored?

It is a common observation that if we are getting tired, we will yawn. Under such a situation, our brains will slow down. When our brain will slow down, its temperature will be dropped. When we are getting tired, it means that our brain is not feeling stimulated. If our brain will not feel stimulated, it will slow down. This thing will become the cause of dropping in the brain’s temperature.

Why do we yawn when we see someone else is also yawning?

When someone is yawning in front of you, you will also start yawning. Most people are amazed because they don’t know why they are yawning. If someone is yawning, it means that he is breathing in a specific condition. When you will be exposed to this specific condition, you will also start to yawn.

Is yawning contagious?

When we talk about yawning, most people ask this question. The answer to this question is ‘Yes’. Its reason is that yawning is contagious. When you will see someone yawning, you will also start yawning. If you will see a video of a person who is yawning, it will also trigger your yawning session.

Is it good to yawn by seeing another person who is yawning?

The students of Baylor University have also researched it. According to them, if you are yawning and seeing other people, it is a good thing. This thing will reveal that you are showing empathy and bonding with other people. To get the answer to this question, you can also read a research paper in the Personality and Individual Differences journal. They noted the facial movements of 130+ people who had seen the other people who were yawning. According to the results of this study, if a person will show less empathy by seeing other people who are yawning, he will rarely yawn. On the other hand, if a person is showing more empathy by seeing the other people who are yawning, he will yawn. Anyhow, you can’t generalize the results of this research.

How to stop yawning?

If you are yawning too much throughout the day, you will try to stop it. To stop yawning, you can follow various tips. We have explained some of these tips.

♦ If you are facing the problem of excessive yawning throughout the day, you should try deep breathing. You should do deep breathing through your nose. According to researchers, if you are excessively yawning, your body may need more oxygen. It is also the best technique to stop contagious yawning.

♦ Another important tip to stop yawning is to start moving. Its reason is that most people are yawning because they are feeling tired or boredom. When they will start moving, they can come out of these situations.

♦ By cooling down yourself, you can also stop yawning. There are various ways to cool down yourself. You can cool it down by finding a space with a cooler temperature. If you will drink cool water, you can also cool it down.

♦ If you are yawning more than usual along with some additional symptoms, you should contact a doctor. You should explain your situation to the doctor. The doctor will provide the best suggestions to overcome this issue. Your doctor will also recommend the necessary treatments to get rid of this problem.

Important facts about yawning

There are various facts about yawning. You will be amazed to read these facts. Below, we have explained the most important facts about yawning.

i. A yawn lasts almost 6 seconds only.

ii. People yawn during the boring period.

iii. The people will yawn more in the winter rather than in the summer.

iv. Yawning is a contagious process. According to experts, when they have shown videos of yawning to people, 50% of people started to yawn.

v. The research is also showing that you can’t catch the yawn from all the people. People can easily catch the yawn from their closest friends.

vi. It is not only human beings who are yawning because animals are also yawning. Along with the newly born babies, the unborn babies also yawn.

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