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Importance of Technology in Education

We can observe the impacts of the evolution of technology in all aspects of life. The impacts of the evolution of technology are present from the banking field to communication. In other words, we can say that technology has become an integral part of sustaining in society. That’s why its infusion with education is inevitable. We can’t deny the importance of technology in education. It is helpful for students and teachers in numerous ways. Technology is providing countless online resources to get an education. It has also become the most important resource for learning. Most of the educational institutions have started to utilize technology in the teaching-learning process.

Importance of Technology in Education

While studying in the classroom, the teachers provide a huge amount of information to the students. The students have to process and make sense of this information. Technology plays a vital role in processing and making sense of the huge amount of information. Technology also provides access to the students to a wide range of resources. It is also helpful for the students to make the information more digestible for the students. Here, we will try to discuss the importance of technology in education. A good teacher should use it in the classroom.

Importance of Technology in Education

1. Technology Simplifies Access to Educational Resources

As we know that students are relying on technology in their everyday lives. The students are using smartphones, tablets, and laptops outside of school hours. That’s why we need to integrate technology into the classrooms. The students will try to use the technology by taking full responsibility in the school as well as outside of the school. Almost all students are familiar with the technology. That’s why they can show engagement with educational technology in the classroom. Therefore, the importance of technology in education is to increase the engagement level of the students in the class.

2. Technology Improves Knowledge Retention

If you will utilize technology in education, the students will take an active part in the teaching-learning process. It means that students will show engagement and interest in their studies. All of these things will increase the knowledge retention of the students. Anyhow, teachers should be very careful while introducing technology in the classroom. After doing experiments with different kinds of technologies, they should try to implement such technology that will be helpful for the students to retain knowledge.

3. Encourages Individual Learning

The learning styles and learning abilities of different students are different. In the classrooms, it is difficult for the students to teach students of different learning styles and learning abilities. Here, teachers should also understand the importance of technology in education. After implementing technology in the classrooms, the teachers can also fulfill the individual needs of the students. The use of technology in education allows students to learn at their speed. It also allows students to review difficult concepts. The use of technology in the classroom will also be helpful for struggling and disabled students. Technology will give access to the internet. After getting access to the internet, students can explore a wide range of resources to conduct research. It is also the best way to increase the engagement rate of the students.

4. Helpful to Learn Useful Life Skills

We are living in the 21st century. The students of the 21st century should try to learn some specific skills. These skills will be helpful for them to get success in the future. As a teacher, if you want to instill these kinds of life skills among the students, you will have to introduce technology in the classroom. Technology will be helpful for students to develop different kinds of practical skills. Students will learn how to collaborate with others. They can also enhance their problem-solving skills. Technology will also enhance the communication and leadership skills of the students. It is also helpful for students to develop critical thinking skills. Another importance of technology in education is that students will learn how to maintain proper online etiquette.

5. Technology Improves Productivity and Efficiency of Teachers

Along with students, technology is also helpful for teachers. After introducing technology in the classroom, teachers can achieve new levels of productivity. Technology is also helpful for teachers to implement useful digital tools to expand the learning opportunities of the students. With the help of technology, they can also increase the support and engagement of the students. It also allows teachers to improve their instruction methods. Teachers can also get various opportunities for personalized learning. Technology will also be helpful for teachers to reduce the costs of physical instructional materials. Teachers can also use it to enhance the efficiency of educational programs. As a result, teachers can make the best use of their time.

6. Improves Collaboration

Most of the students think that taking lectures in the classroom is enough for them. They should know that taking lectures is not enough for them. After taking the lectures, they have to understand these lectures. While understanding these lectures, they have to face some problems. To find out the best solutions to these problems, they have to communicate with their teachers and fellow students. According to teachers, without the use of technology, the ratio of collaboration between students and teachers is lower. After introducing technology, they have observed an increase in the frequency of the collaboration of the students with their teachers and fellow students. As a result, they show better performance in the exams.

7. Improves Assessment Process

After teaching the students, teachers have to take tests from students. After marking these tests, they have to assign grades to the students. If they take and mark tests by using a manual process, they have to spend lots of time and energy. Another importance of technology in education is that it improves the assessment process. Moreover, it has also made it easy for students to provide valuable feedback on the progress of the students. Both teachers and students can set their goals by using technology. Along with setting goals, they can also use technology to achieve these goals. They can also set the tracking system by using technology. The tracking system is helpful for the teachers to invest in and measure the effectiveness of a course.

8. Education Becomes Accessible to all

After introducing technology-based learning, we can overcome the dependency of education on an institution or an instructor. Students can get an opportunity to get an education at any point. Moreover, they can also get an education from the comfort of their home. Students can also make use of eLearning. It will be helpful for the students to get access to plenty of information in their area of study. The students will also get an opportunity to get access to any piece of information around the world. Along with traditional courses, students can also get admission in online courses.

9. Multitude of Resources

If we are teaching the students by following the traditional teaching methods, we can restrict the teacher’s information from books only. It means that we can’t allow the students to get information from other online resources. As a result, we can’t enhance the critical skills of the students. If we are introducing technology in the classroom, it means that we are giving access to the students to computers, tablets, and other forms of technology. After getting access to computers and tablets, students can get access to multiple resources. It is also the best way to overcome the education gap.

10. It Improves the Learning Experience

Nowadays, we can also incorporate artificial intelligence in the education field. The importance of incorporating artificial intelligence in education is that teachers can develop more creative and innovative lesson plans. These innovative and creative lesson plans will be helpful for them to hold the attention of their students. After introducing artificial intelligence in the education field, we have to develop new teaching methods. That’s why we require professionals both within and outside of the education field.

11. Students Can Prepare for Their Future Careers

After getting an education, the students have to start their professional life. It means that they have to find out a job opportunity. As we know all industries and fields are using technology to perform different activities. That’s why they are looking for those employees who know the use of technology. When we will use technology in education, we will feel at ease to use it in professional life. Moreover, when students will mention different kinds of technological skills on their resume, employers will also give preference to them. Technology will also enhance the collaboration skills of the students. These skills will be helpful for them to perform their duties effectively.

12. It is a Demand of the Modern Era

Nowadays, most of the students give preference to use technology from a young age. The parents of the children also know the importance of technology in practical life. That’s why they try to admit their children to those institutions that are using technology in education. Most of the students are well aware of the use of technology in their lives. That’s why they feel it is easy to learn new ideas by using technology. They also feel comfortable helping their fellow students by using technological gadgets.

All of these points show the importance of technology in education. Now, we will have to take bold steps. We should try to replace traditional teaching methods with technology-based teaching methods.

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