Why Does the ATM Card PIN have Four Digits?

Why Does ATM Card PIN has four digits?
Nowadays, almost all people have bank accounts. If you have a bank account, you will be using an ATM card ...
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Why Do Men Gain Weight After Becoming Fathers?

Why do men gain weight after becoming fathers?
It is a fact that a woman has to keep her baby in her belly for nine months. During these ...
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Types Of Sets In Mathematics

Types of sets in mathematics
There are various types of sets. In Mathematics, a set is defined as; “A collection of well-defined and distinct objects ...
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How Many Atoms And Molecules In a Droplet Of Water?

Atoms and molecules in a droplet of water
Water is an essential component in our daily life because we have to use it for various purposes. While using ...
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Difference Between Empirical Formula and Molecular Formula

Difference between empirical formula and molecular formula
As we know that a substance is a composition of different atoms. We have to represent this substance with the ...
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What is a graph? | Definition, Types & Parts

What is a graph - Types
What is a Graph? As science students, we have to use the graph in various ways. The definition of the ...
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Properties and Facts of Water

Facts and properties of water
Water is one of the basics of life on Earth. Its reason is that without water, life is impossible on ...
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Difference Between Scalars and Vectors Quantities

Difference between scalar quantities and vector quantities
In Physics, we have to deal with lots of physical quantities. All the measurable quantities are known as physical quantities. ...
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How Many Germs Does A Glass of Water Contain?

How many germs in a glass of water
Most of us drink underground water. In most places, this underground water looks clean and standard. Now, do you ever ...
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Difference Between CD and DVD

Difference between CD and DVD
CD and DVD are two different versions of an optical disk. These two versions of the optical disk are different ...
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